As telecommunications technology has advanced, so has Communications Engineering LLC's involvement in bringing new ideas and developments out of the future and into the present. We have been retained to conceptualize, design and implement telecommunications systems enabling the business community to realize the benefits of fully integrated telecommunications services.

Communications Engineering LLC specializes in consulting services tailored primarily to the needs of end-users of all types of telecommunications systems, i.e., telephone system selection, voice and data cabling, electronic mail, LAN topologies, wide area networking (WAN), long distance carrier analysis, PBX traffic studies, system planning, and implementation programs. Services offered include evaluation of existing systems, equipment usage studies, network analysis (voice/data), user feasibility studies, and most importantly, the design and implementation of new telecommunications systems to ensure full compliance with bid specifications of user needs.

By pooling the varied expertise of their consultants, Communications Engineering LLC has assembled a team of professionals with substantial experience in working with private industry, regulated public utilities and governmental agencies at the local, State, and Federal levels. In typical consulting engagements we not only address specific client problem areas, but also address many of the key issues concerning the future of the telecommunications industry.

Our project management approach, utilizing a Project Review Committee, has been a major factor in our successful completion of consulting assignments in both the private and public sectors. This approach establishes a tailored committee, of selected members of our staff, who have the required specific experience in the key areas related to the project under consideration.

This approach minimizes the danger of "tunnel vision", i.e., isolating an issue from related factors and thereby making an analysis without fully researching the potential impact of the proposed action on other related parties or industries. Decisions made under these conditions are more often harmful than helpful in resolving the issues originally encountered and often create new problems and issues, which can have far reaching effects. Our proven methods avoid this problem so that potential problems are anticipated and evaluated before the proposed policy or decision is implemented.

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