Communications Engineering LLC. is a management consulting firm serving the telecommunications industry. The varied backgrounds of Communications Engineering LLC's team of professionals in the development and engineering of telecommunications systems and networks provide for expert analyses, strategies and designs essential to high-quality decision-making.

Communications Engineering LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company, in the State of New Jersey.


Communications Engineering was originally formed in 1988 to provide cutting-edge solutions for telecommunications managers in the selection of PBX technologies, key-systems, and carrier facilities. As time passed, CEI began to augment staffing with infrastructure experts, since a comprehensive telecommunications system installation always necessitates an expertly designed and complimentary cabling distribution facility. Inevitably, our clients began to inquire as to our datacommunications and technology planning and implementation services.


Communications Engineering now offers consulting services in all aspects of networking technology and datacommunications. In 1993, CEI made a firm commitment to serve its existing and future clientele in the area of datacommunications planning, implementation and support services, while continuing to augment this expertise with our infrastructure consulting services. In 1995, the logical outgrowth of this diversification was the addition of traditional hardware and software technology consulting personnel. Today, CEI is uniquely positioned to provide a full technology and communications consulting service. In our fully integrated client engagements, teams are assembled based on complimentary expertise to provide comprehensive telecommunications, datacommunications, infrastructure, hardware, and software solutions.


James T. O'Gorman
Telecom, Infrastructure

Mr. O'Gorman's more than thirty years in the telecommunications industry gives him a background in both common carrier and private consulting. He is the principal of Communications Engineering LLC. more on Jim...

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